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First Snow Dec 2021.jpg

I am an artist from Ottawa, Canada.  My art is described as abstract impressionist.  Using high quality acrylic paints, I paint big florals, seascapes and food.  My art has been displayed in several shows, juried and solo.

Whenever I visit national art galleries and smaller independent venues, I feel so uplifted.  Artistic energy does that to us.  Original art raises the vibration in a home.  Whether painted by a master or a seven year-old child, original art completes the space we live in.


In 2009, I signed up for art lessons with one of Ottawa's favourite artists.  I was hooked.  It is the most wonderful feeling to hold a paint brush filled with colour and apply one's energy onto a canvas.  


I believe that everyone has an inner artist dwelling inside of their soul.  In our fast-paced, technological world, wouldn't it be amazing to pick up a paint brush rather than a cell phone? Give it a go!


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